KOHLER K-10433-BN Review

Replacing your two handled kitchen faucet with a new Kohler K-10433-BN may seem like a risky experiment, if you’ve never owned a single control faucet. The simple, clean look in stainless steel, brushed chrome, polished chrome, brushed nickel or brushed bronze is very elegant. The compact design gives the user a sprayhead in the pull-out faucet with a push-button alternating the water flow from a spray to a stream. Not only is the faucet also a sprayhead, the faucet can swivel a full 180 degrees, making it easier to target the water stream.

The Kohler K-10433-BN is a higher sitting faucet allowing for the use of bigger pots in the sink. The height in conjunction with the rotating and the sprayhead, make cleaning so much more convenient. With the flexibility, it is easy to manipulate the faucet and the dishes, no matter how large to clean and fill them with water. Rinsing vegetables in the same sink with a soaking pot has never been easier. Now that the pull-out sprayhead has a longer reach when the swivel feature is also in use. The sprayhead switches from spray to stream with the push-button conveniently located in the head. The sprayhead can be pulled out to reach the area where the spray or stream is desired. In fact the Kohler K-10433-BN has a nylon hose that extends from the sprayhead which has the capacity to rotate a full 45 degrees for ease of use. Pull out the sprayhead from the faucet and no noise will be heard. Extending the hose is a silent and smooth operation. The water flow from the sprayhead is exceptional and adjusts easily from stream to spray by sliding the button on the head.

KOHLER K-10433-BN Pros & Cons

KOHLER K-10433-BN Review

The most positive aspects of this faucet are not only its great functions, but also its construction. Kohler made this faucet to last. It has a copper construction on the inside, ceramic disks valves, ball joint swivel head and is made to last a lifetime or more. The Kohler K-10433-BN also has an easy to clean sprayhead that’s made to resist the buildup of mineral deposits. This feature is especially beneficial for home owners with hard water who habitually need to clean their sprayheads to remove the mineral buildup. The faucet’s finishes are long lasting, resistant to tarnish and corrosion. It’s believed the Kohler K-10433-BN can outlast the durability of any other faucet’s finish. The faucet sits up almost 9 inches from the base allowing plenty of room to maneuver large pots in the sink below. This makes it easier to utilize the sink for multiple tasks without having to remove dishes already in the sink. When it’s time to fill a spaghetti pot with water, the Kohler has a great flow rate of not less than 2.2 gallons per minute. In seconds the pot is filled and ready to sit on the burner.With all its great features the Kohler K-10433-BN does have some negative points. The buttons that control its sprayhead have been known to fall off over time because they are secured by very small plastic claws on the inside. One customer complained,

“The buttons will wiggle on this tiny plastic fulcrum and, after very little time – less than a month in my experience – one or the other or both will simply pop off. Partly this is due to these tiny little feet being inadequate to the job and part to the fact that the buttons themselves are not deep enough (also part of the reason they will move) so any movement in the button, means an edge of the button can catch on the hole into which it fits, thus making it easier to pop off.” I. Lace (St. Louis, Missouri).

After less than three years the buttons dislodged. They asked for a replacement, but were denied the replacement by Kohler. Kohler did not agree with the customer’s assessment of the situation. The customer was appalled with the inadequate fastening method and Kohler disagreed.

Overall, it’s is a great faucet, despite the fact that several customers have experienced the faulty sprayhead button scenario. It has many great features and like well designed products, most of the owners of the faucet are very satisfied with the performance and look of the faucet. Kohler may have some refining to do to reduce the incidences associated with the faulty sprayhead button, but the final word is that the faucet works wonderfully well giving great water flow and is easy to manipulate. Replace your tired old traditional two handled faucet with the new Kohler K-10433-BN and let the wonders of one handled faucet operation simplify your life.

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