GROHE 33 759 KD0 Review

The Grohe 33 759 KD0 Ladylux Plus kitchen faucet is a carefully-designed piece of perfection. Unique in appearance and intuitive to use, this innovative faucet can transform a kitchen and make every interaction with your kitchen sink effortless and even enjoyable. Most people use their kitchen sink many times a day, so it’s a pity that many small irritants can combine to make using your kitchen sink an annoying experience. The designers of the Grohe 33 759 KD0 Ladylux Plus have eliminated all those irritants, and they’ve gotten rid of some that you may never have even noticed as well. Be warned: after using this faucet, you may have a hard time going back to a standard one.

GROHE 33 759 KD0 Review

The first thing that strikes you about the Grohe 33 759 KD0 Ladylux Plus is its distinctive appearance. The shape of the nozzle and handle are intriguingly dissimilar from the shape of a generic kitchen faucet. Its stainless steel finish, with a contrasting black nozzle and handle, has an elegance that will give a contemporary look to any kitchen sink. The stainless steel, besides for looking glamorous, is easy to clean, and the black nozzle and handle, besides for adding a modern accent to the look, are comfortable to the touch, without the usual coldness of metal. This attention to detail and the user experience is characteristic of the Grohe 33 759 KD0 Ladylux Plus.

When designing the Grohe 33 759 KD0 Ladylux Plus, it is clear that a lot of thought was put into facilitating every kind of use to which you might want to put your kitchen faucet. The faucet swivels, allowing you to choose the perfect angle at which to wash dishes, or even fill a pot sitting on the counter. It also pulls out, so you can use it to rinse out the sink, wash hard-to-reach crevices in pots or pans, or spray down larger items like refrigerator shelves or garbage cans. Thanks to Grohe’s SilkMove(R) technology, water temperature and flow can be adjusted exactly to your specifications with just the touch of a finger. The distinctive, infinitely adjustable handle is comfortable to the hand and easy to use. Hold and release in spray mode is effortless and intuitive with the convenient dual spray trigger.

GROHE 33 759 KD0 Customer Reviews

Unlike many other luxury items, the Grohe 33 759 KD0 Ladylux Plus is easy to install and maintain. The stainless steel finish wipes clean easily. The faucet features Grohe’s patented SpeedClean(R) anti-lime system, which prevents lime buildup that might clog the faucet and reduce the strength of the spray. Thanks to the SpeedClean(R) system, the spray function can be restored to like-new levels with just a simple wipe. Similarly, the system includes a ceramic cartridge whose purpose is to ensure maintenance-free optimal performance for the lifetime of your faucet. Furthermore, Grohe stands behind their product. A customer writes,

“We installed this faucet in our kitchen in June 2002. It has worked fine ever since. When the spray hose developed a leak near the spray head last week, I called Grohe, told them the problem, and they immediately sent a replacement hose by UPS at no charge. It was easy to remove the damaged hose from the spray head and the quick release fitting under the sink, and install the new one. Excellent customer service!”

The main drawback of the Grohe Ladylux Plus is its price, which is considerably higher than what a customer might expect or desire to pay for an average kitchen faucet. The Ladylux Plus is decidedly a luxury faucet, and it is priced accordingly. You may very well be able to find a perfectly satisfactory kitchen faucet for a much lower price, but you will have a hard time finding one that so exactly anticipates every aspect of the user’s needs and wants. If your budget is limited, this may be a good place to cut a corner and settle for a more standard faucet. But if you are looking for that added level of luxury, the extra details that will lend distinction and elegance to your kitchen, then don’t hesitate at the price. If you’re a kitchen faucet connoisseur, the Grohe 33 759 KD0 Ladylux Plus is for you.

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